Injury and Illness Protocol Training Materials

<<WISHeS Injury and Illness Protocols 

The following training materials have been developed in conjunction with the protocols.  Districts are welcome to use these training resources to educate the school staff who are responsible for providing injury and illness management in the school setting.

Injury and Illness Training PowerPoint
This can be used by you to train the school staff who will be responsible for providing injury and illness management.  To maintain the content of the PowerPoint, it is locked and you will be unable to make any edits to the presentation.  If there are parts that you feel are not relevant to your district, you can skip over them.
Click on the Read Only button when the PowerPoint opens.  See Photo for example.

In addition to the PowerPoint presentation, there is also a pdf version of the PowerPoint along with handouts, if you choose to use them with your school staff.
Injury and Illness Protocols Training PowerPoint Handout
Injury and Illness Protocols Training Handouts



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