Food Allergy

Living Confidently with Food Allergy Handbook
Living Confidently with Food Allergy is a comprehensive and easy to read handbook that guides families managing food allergies. This resource can be downloaded as a free pdf and is the result of a collaborative effort headed and supported by Anaphylaxis Canada.

Food Allergy Tools for Schools
Providing practical teaching tools to those who care for school kids with food allergies. Our mission is to bring food allergy awareness and education to your school community.

Management of Food Allergy in the School Setting
This clinical report highlights the role of the pediatrician and pediatric health care provider in managing students with food allergies.

National Association of State Boards of Education Discussion Guide: Anaphylaxis and Schools
Guide that assists with: Developing Policies for Treating Students with Severe Allergic Reactions.

Food Allergy Research and Education

School Tools
American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology
SAMPRO™: Improving Asthma Management in Schools – A Practice Improvement Module

Epi Pen School Resources


Creating School Communities of Support Children with Food Allergies
American School Health Association

Food Allergy Safety at School
American School Health Association

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