Consultation Services

Community Contracted 4K Site Health Services Review

  • Provide guidance on Wisconsin childcare health requirements and how they compare to Wisconsin school district requirements.
  • Provide suggestions on 4K site policies and procedures that should be further reviewed to ensure consistency in processes between 4K site and school district.
  • Review health related policies, procedures and protocols for community contracted 4K sites that school district contracts with.
  • Provide report to school district regarding areas in which community contracted 4K sites health policies, procedures and protocols differ from school district requirements and state mandates.
  • Provide report to school district including suggestions on policies, procedures and protocols to implement for comparable health service practices between community contracted 4K sites and school district.

Policy and Procedure Development or Review

Review district health service policies to ensure they meet federal and state standards.
Assist with the development of new health related policies based on best practices.

Coaching and Guidance on Student/Program Outcome (SPO)

  • Assist school nurses with the identifying student/program needs that are appropriate for use in the nurses’s School Nurse Evaluation.
  • Assist school nurses with the development of student health quality improvement (QI) initiatives (also known as Student/Program Objectives [SPO].
  • Assist school nurses in developing QI plans based on identified student health needs.
  • Guide school nurses in developing sustainability plans to maintain quality school health services.

School District Health Services Gap Analysis and Recommendations for Program/Service Improvement

  • A comprehensive gap analysis will be completed reviewing policies, procedures, and services.
  • Detailed report along with recommended Action Steps will be given to the district upon completion.

Resource Development

Is there a resource that would make your role as a school nurse so much easier but you just don’t have the time or resources to develop it. We have extensive experience with literature reviews, best practice guideline development, and Word Press® website development. We would be happy to help you create your school health tool.

Quality Improvement

We will provide technical assistance to your school district to evaluate existing school health practices and identify areas to improve. We will then develop a process to evaluate the interventions provided to determine their impact on student health and learning.


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