Training Resources
American Diabetes Association
The following school staff training and support resources are available for print and electronic distribution.  The Association recommends that all training of school staff is conducted or supervised by a school nurse or other qualified health care professional

Safe at School
American Diabetes Association
Multiple resources

School/Child Care Diabetes Checklist
Children with diabetes may not have access to appropriate diabetes management at school and are sometimes treated unfairly (discrimination). This type of discrimination may negatively affect your pediatric patients, including: blood glucose control, risk for serious complications, and their ability to learn and fully participate in school and school-related activities. This checklist can help you identify affected patients and refer them for help from the American Diabetes Association.

Helping the Student with Diabetes Succeed: A Guide for School Personnel
National Diabetes Education Program
This comprehensive resource guide helps students with diabetes, their health care team, school staff, and parents work together to provide optimal diabetes management in the school setting.

Sample 504 and IEP Plans for Diabetes
Children with Diabetes.
Sample 504 and IEP

Hypo/Hyperglycemia Care Plans
Your DiabetesInfo.org
Downloadable Hypo/Hyperglycemia Care Plans

Consumer Guide Charts
The Diabetes Forecast Consumer Guide 2014 features 180 tools for living well.



Enhancing Diabetes Management in Schools: Policy, Protocol and Collaboration
National Association of Chronic Disease Directors

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