About the Protocols

<<WISHeS Injury and Illness Protocols 

The Injury and Illness Protocols were developed by the WISHeS: Wisconsin Improving School Health Services Project.  The protocols have been researched and reviewed by numerous qualified healthcare professionals.  Information contained in the protocols was adapted from the Ohio Department of Public Safety’s Emergency Guidelines for Schools, 3rd Edition and the Wisconsin Emergency Preparedness Guidelines for Schools.

The Injury and Illness Protocols are meant to serve as basic first aid and illness management and are intended to be used by staff without medical/nursing training, when a nurse or other medical professional is not available.  It is recommended that the protocols be reviewed and approved by the school district’s medical advisor.  It is also recommended that staff who are responsible for providing first aid and illness management to children complete an approved first aid and CPR course.  In order to perform CPR safely and effectively, skills should be practiced in the presence of a trained instructor and reviewed yearly.

The protocols have been created as recommended procedures.  It is not the intent of these guidelines to supersede or make invalid any laws or rules established by a facility, system, governing board or the State of Wisconsin.  The algorithms contained in the guide reflect current medical and nursing practice and are to be used in conjunction with a student’s health care provider orders, if available.

Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the format, and review the protocols and “Legend for the Injury and Illness Protocols” page prior to an emergency situation.

Please note, if a staff member feels emergency medical services are needed at any point while providing first aid and illness management, EMS/911 should be called. 

More information about the WISHeS Project can be found at: http://www.wpha.org/?page=wishes_project
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