Stock Epinephrine

Developing a Stock Epinephrine Program:
The Key Questions to Answer

Ensuring the safety of children with anaphylaxis allergies in the school setting can be overwhelming. There is significant evidence and support from the allergy and pediatric healthcare professionals to have non-student specific epinephrine available in the school district. Given the complexities associated with establishing and maintaining a stock epinephrine program in a school, administrators, school nurses and other school staff should consider some key questions before initiating a stock epinephrine program.

  • This presentation will review the results of an online survey assessing non-student specific epinephrine practices in Wisconsin schools.
  • The webinar will review WI Statute 118.2925 which addresses stock epinephrine programs in Wisconsin.
  • The webinar will highlight best practices related to non-student specific stock epinephrine.
  • Will review the important questions districts should answer when developing a stock epinephrine program.

Attendees will be given a non-student specific stock epinephrine checklist to utilize in their district to assist in implementing the program.

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