Assessment Tool

The School Health Services Assessment Tool was developed to:

  • Provide state-wide data regarding the extent of school health services being provided to students in an effort to identify areas of greatest need so school health resources can be developed and disseminated to districts in Wisconsin.
  • Provide school districts with a self-assessment tool focused on school health services
  • Assist districts in assessing their school health services infrastructure.
  • Assist school districts in identifying areas of greatest need so that valuable resources can be utilized more efficiently and effectively.
  • Support quality improvement efforts.
  • Assist school nurses and administrators in highlighting and articulating the complexity of services they provide to schools.
  • Assist school district leaders and personnel in identifying school health best practices that they could implement in their school district.

The school health services assessment tool was developed based on current Wisconsin statutes and best practices within the fields of population health and school nursing.

This partnership project is funded by the Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program, a component of the Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin endowment at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

The Project Partners are:

Results from the survey will help us to develop resources for school districts to use to improve the services they provide to children.

Click on the following link to download the School Health Services Assessment Tool

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